Try Curling

The South of England Curling Club’s “Try Curling” course will introduce complete novices to the sport of curling over a series of four lessons. By the end a participant will have all the necessary skills to play in matches at the club level. The cost of the course covers instruction supervised by UKCC certified curling coaches and rental of all the necessary equipment. The course will cover the fundamentals of the curling delivery, sweeping technique, the rules of the game, team roles, and basic tactics. Each session will be divided between basic skills coaching and a mini-game.

Session 1: Delivery Basics, Sweeping Basics, Supervised Match

Session 2: Delivery Review and Practice, Team Roles, Rules of the Game, Supervised Match

Session 3: Delivery (Next Steps), Team Communication, Basic Strategy, Supervised Match

Session 4: Delivery (Top Tips), Etiquette, Next steps in your curling career< Supervised Match

Cost: £99 for all four lessons

For any further questions, please email