For the final weekend, we will have a slightly different format. The first draw sees Dunn play Boyd in an exhibition match, while the other teams playoff. Sugden will play Garnier to see who will play Dunn in the grand final that afternoon. The loser of Sugden/Garnier will play the winner of Rees/Farnell for the “Bronze”. The loser of Rees/Farnell will play Boyd to determine 5th and 6th place overall.

[A] Dunn (1st) v Boyd (6th) [B] Sugden (2nd) v Garnier (3rd) [C] Rees (4th) v Farnell (5th)

[A] Winner Of 4th/5th v Loser Of 2nd/3rd [B] Dunn v Winner Of 2nd/3rd [C] Boyd v Loser Of 4th /5th

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