Dear SECC Members,

With the latest Covid restrictions imposed from Thursday, the rink has no option but to close their doors after Wednesday this week.

This will prevent us from running the leagues this season, but we do have two nights of Curling booked, for tomorrow and Tuesday.

We will run these as one off games.  

We appreciate that some players may not wish to travel for these two one off sessions, so we’re going to run these on a first come first served basis.

Please sign up using the links below.  You are welcome to sign up for both sessions.  These will be charged at £25 per person per game, which will be taken out of the fees that players have already paid.



We will continue to liaise with the rink regarding the ice bookings that are now cancelled, and will work on returning any refunds to our members as soon as we know the details.

Thank you to everyone for the support and commitment in trying to get us up and running again this season, sorry that this wasn’t to be.