Please see the updated standings for our Scotties predictions competition!

We will update the standings a few hours after a game from each draw is uploaded to the “Curling Canada” YouTube channel. Hopefully this won’t spoil any results for you if you are planning to watch the game.

Featured Games (with video links):

Draw 1: Canada (Einarson) v Wild Card #2 (Zacharias)

Draw 2: Prince Edward Island (Birt) v Saskatchewan (Anderson)

Draw 3: Ontario (Homan) v Wild Card #3 (Peterson)

Draw 4: Wild Card #1 (Carey) v Manitoba (Jones)

Draw 5: Alberta (Walker) v Northern Ontario (Burns)

Draw 6: Quebec (St Georges) v Prince Edward Island (Birt)

Draw 7: Alberta (Walker) v Ontario (Homan)

Draw 8: Manitoba (Jones) v Saskatchewan (Anderson)

Draw 9: Alberta (Walker) v Wild Card #3 (Peterson)

Draw 10: Wild Card #1(Carey) v British Columbia (Brown)

Draw 11: Wild Card #3 (Peterson) v Wild Card #2 (Zacharias)

Draw 12: Quebec (St Georges) v Saskatchewan (Anderson)

Draw 13: Ontario (Homan) v Northwest Territories (Galusha)

Draw 14: Manitoba (Jones) v Prince Edward Island (Birt)

Draw 15: Canada (Einarson) v Alberta (Walker)

Draw 16: Manitoba (Jones) v New Brunswick (Adams)

Draw 17: Northwest Territories (Galusha) v Wild Card #3 (Peterson)

Draw 18: British Columbia (Brown) v Prince Edward Island (Birt)


Draw 19: Ontario (Homan) v Wild Card #1 (Carey)

Draw 20: Manitoba (Jones) v Alberta (Walker)

Draw 21: Manitoba (Jones) v Ontario (Homan)

Draw 22: Canada (Einarson) v Manitoba (Jones)

Tiebreaker: Alberta (Walker) v Manitoba (Jones)


Semi-Final: Canada (Einarson) v Alberta (Walker)

Final: Ontario (Homan) v Canada (Einarson)

Thanks for playing!