Dear SECC Members,

Unfortunately Fenton’s Rink will not be reopening for curling this season.  We held lease negotiations with the owner, but we were not able to agree anything, and the facility is now being rented for another purpose.  It’s unlikely that we will be able to return there in the foreseeable future.

With this background, we are looking at some options to provide our members with opportunities to curl in the forthcoming season. Without a home rink it’s obvious that we will have to travel elsewhere to curl, so we are considering running “SECC on Tour”, arranging a bonspiel weekend once a month at different venues.  

These will be funspiels, open to all, where we rent enough sheets of ice over the weekend to cover everybody that wishes to attend.  We may invite some local competition too depending on how the bookings work out to keep some variety in the entertainment.

We have been starting to put feelers out to various locations to see what the approximate costs may be. Naturally we need to reserve enough ice to cover everyone that would be interested, and as the season is starting up for most venues next month, we need to start booking this fairly soon before weekends are blocked out at the different rinks.

To this end, we have an intentions form for you to fill in.  This is to gauge your interest, and no monies are required at this time.  Once we have a rough idea of numbers we can start to firm up pricing and accommodation options if there is an appetite to go “On Tour”.

Please complete your intentions form here

Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to support the club for all that you do!