In curling, the term “sheet” refers to the particular section of ice that is used for one game. Smaller curling rinks may have 2 or 3 sheets, while larger rinks can have even more. At Fenton’s Rink, we have 3 sheets of ice.

These sheets are known as sheets A, B, and C. Generally, the “middle” sheet (B) is used for the most important games such as league or bonspiel finals. This is because the ice in the middle is the least likely to be effected by external factors. The “outside” sheets (A & C) are often used for coaching as they have a walkway along the outer edge. This is particularly helpful for players when they are just starting and are less confident on the ice.

Below is a diagram showing the dimensions of each curling sheet:

In some curling rinks, there are barriers between each sheet to stop stones from one game interfering with another. These are usually wooden or made of foam. Think of them like the bumpers between two bowling lanes! However, if a stone hits one of these barriers, it must be removed from play.

While one curling team is throwing their stones down the sheet, members of the opposition must make sure to keep to the sides, out of the way.

For more on curling terminology, visit our glossary page!

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